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Our Mission

"to provide timely, innovative, and collaborative healthcare to all individuals in Barrington and surrounding areas through a multi-disciplinary approach". We care about our clients, our community, and our professions.



Apollo Sport and Wellness Centre is a locally owned, multi-disciplinary health clinic in Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia. Services offered include physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, pelvic/women's health physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.


We are unique in both our approach and delivery of collaborative healthcare, as a strong focus is put on one-to-one movement-based treatment with an emphasis on providing the highest quality of client care.  

Apollo is equipped to provide treatment to a wide population, including the young or the old, the medically ill or the physically fit, and the student athlete or the office worker. At Apollo, a broad range of conditions are also treated, check out the FAQ page for a list.

Portrait of five smiling team members of a professional clinic, consisting of three women and two men, standing together agai
weight lifting

Our Motto


which means we not only help with the rehabilitation of an injury/ condition, we also provide services for those looking to optimize their RECOVERY from physical and leisure activity, and those wanting to PERFORM at a higher level to reach their goals, whether that be a 5K personal best or playing with grandchildren without being short of breath.

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